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Jangle pop. Unfamiliar readers will find that Hurry Home Dark Cloud has a multitude of issues with typical genre conventions. Predominantly, we find they are too confining and often pigeonhole an act unfairly.

However, despite the laughably absurd genre title, jangle pop fits Seattle crew Math and Physics Club quite well. So well, in fact, that a cut from last years EP sounds eerily similar to influential eighties band The Smiths – perhaps the most celebrated purveyors of pop that jangles.

“Nothing Ever Happened” appears to be distinctly fashioned as a homage to the work of The Smiths, seeing as the carefree guitars and utterance of lines such as “I must be terribly lonely” are textbook Morrissey trademarks.  

It’s sunny, upbeat music that sounds awfully pleasant during a long Saturday afternoon. Considering the depressing dearth of music this breezy and blissful, we’ve composed an open letter to the band:

Dear Math and Physics Club,

More, please.


Your friends at Hurry Home Dark Cloud


“Nothing Really Happened” from Baby I’m Yours EP (2007)

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