March 11


It is Tuesday! For film and music fans across the nation, this is the busiest (and sometimes most expensive) day of the week. Here at Hurry Home Dark Cloud, we are proud to introduce Virgin Tuesdays, in which the latest releases share the spotlight and subsequently seek a spot in your collection.

For starters, a new double-disc release of Gattaca hits stores today. A brilliant character study disguised as a science fiction film, Gattaca remains a lushly-realized achievement with more than a few things to say about humanity.

Aside from the radiant scripting and top drawer acting, Gattaca also sports one of the finest film scores in recent memory – which is almost as underrated as the film itself. Under Michael Nyman’s skillful direction, the orchestration fully captures the foreboding feel of the movie in all its grandeur.

Also readily available on dvd is pedestrian family film August Rush, the amusing yet banal Bee Movie, brainless actioner Hitman, 2007 Best Picture winner No Country for Old Men, and quirky romance comedy Dan in Real Life.


Gattaca Two-Disc Special Edition Re-Release (1997)


August Rush (2007)


Bee Movie (2007)


Hitman (2007)


No Country for Old Men (2007)


Dan in Real Life (2007)



“The Departure” by Michael Nyman from Gattaca Soundtrack (1997)


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